Booking Forms and Workflow for Travel Agencies and Agents

Use a truly PCI certified form solution for a faster, more convenient, and secure travel reservation process for your team and your clients

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We're the only PCI certified Form Provider

Easy-to-create "no code" forms with credit card collection feature

Collect credit card data

Gather, store, and retrieve full credit card numbers including the CVV so you can charge your customers later. Support offline processing through Vault.
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Get client authorization

Let clients electronically sign credit card authorization forms as proof that they've permitted you to charge their credit cards on their behalf. Learn more about electronic signatures here.

Accept online payments

Process online payments directly via PayPal, Stripe,, and Square. Set up recurring billing to process ongoing membership fees and payments.

Receive files and documents

Need to get a copy of your clients' travel documents like passports? Just ask them to upload the documents through your form via File Upload

Collaborate easily

Add team members to oversee the new booking inquiries and travel reservations as they go through. Send form entries via email, share documents through Google Drive or leave comments inside the Data Manager.

Create workflows

Minimize repetitive tasks. Our forms can integrate with 50+ web apps to help you create an automated workflow to do the work for you. Our CustomWorks team can set it up for you.

Your brand new travel workflow can look like this

Achieve all these with one tool and manage everything in one place

Charlie fills up your travel booking form

He sees the Vault Seal on your form, showing that you're PCI certified. This eases him into giving you all the data that you need — no need to hop on the phone or deal with emails.

He signs the form before submitting it

Upon signing the form electronically, he's giving you permission to charge his credit card. His signature and all the info from the credit card authorization form will be stored in our secure cloud storage.

You or your team member views the details

Secure and seamless connection with 3rd party web applications like CRMs to eliminate manual, menial, and repetitive tasks. Work smarter and faster.

You book the hotels and trips on behalf of the client

You can now process his travel transactions. Upon receipt of his authorization, you customize the trip according to his preferences.

Charlie enjoys the perks of the travel experience you prepared

Everything went smoothly so you send a feedback form to Charlie so he can give an honest evaluation of your service — and leave a review on your Facebook Page.

Explore workflows

Take a peek at our Travel Form Samples

Get help in creating a custom-branded form with your logo on top with our CustomWorks specialists

Form cover

Passenger Information For Domestic Travel

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Business Travel Survey

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Airport Pickup Order Form

Form cover

Postcard Form

Form cover

Geography Knowledge Online Test

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