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EmailMeForm has powerful integrations and PCI Certification that you need in order to simplify the way you work, manage your data in one place, and keep your business processes compliant with worldwide security regulations.


Gather customer data for lead generation, online payments, order processing, and more! Add essential fields safely and compliantly collect sensitive information like credit card numbers through Vault. It’s a PCI certified Solution that comes with a seal of trust to win your customer’s trust.


Analyze the data right away! Search for specific submissions in Data Manager to preview in detail as well as edit or delete items. You can even share access with team members so you can discuss a specific customer entry and assign action items.


Do more with the data you collected. Export them to Google Sheets, .txt or .xls format for further analysis or processing. Forward customer data to your CRM. Process online payments or retrieve the credit card information for offline processing. We integrate with over 50 apps to support your unique workflow.

Automated workflow management using forms

See how EmailMeForm automation can help make the work lighter.
Check out this sample workflow below.

Aaron decided to enroll his child in your remote learning program.

He fills up the Enrollment Form with the necessary information including his name, phone number, and billing address.

He is also asked about his preferred payment terms.

Your Enrollment Form also doubles as a Payment Deposit Form. So he shares his credit card information. He feels comfortable to share this upon seeing the Vault seal on your form.

On the last page of the form, he picks more add-ons.

Before he checks out, he agrees to pay extra so he can get flashcards and textbooks for his kid. These will be shipped out to him after 2 days.

You or your team member gets notified of the application

Your team receives the notification via email. You then view the data and process the application. Only those who have access can view the credit card number.

Aaron enjoys the seamless online enrollment

Everything went smoothly so you send a feedback form to Aaron after the first few days of classes. If it’s a perfect 10, he’ll be redirected to your Facebook Page so he can leave a review.

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EmailMeForm replaces multiple tools. Handle your entire workflow from one place and save thousands of dollars.

  • DIY Form Builder
  • Data Manager
  • Collaboration Tool
  • Payment Processing
  • E-Signature
  • Document Storage

= $19.95/month

Web Developer
$25/hr (x10 hours)
CRM Tool
Signature Collector
Shopping Cart

= $690+/month

Example workflow forms

Check out these examples for what's possible on your forms.

Form cover

Online Purchase Order Form

Form cover

Greenhouse Inventory Form

Form cover

Online App Order Form

Form cover

Credit Card Authorization Form

Form cover

Food Evaluation Form

Form cover

Airport Pickup Form


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