Online Forms for Convenient Food Ordering

Support restaurants moving towards contactless operations. You reach more customers, multiply your service efficiency, and boost your profits.

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Online Forms for Convenient Food Ordering

Expand your restaurant services to get through the new normal.

The important features you need to operate and accept orders easily

Collect orders online

Make smart use of your social networks and accept orders from these sites. Online advertising becomes more popular than ever, don’t miss out the customers hanging around the web. Embed your order forms in various websites and transact upfront.

Accept credit card payments

Contactless transactions are the new normal and it equates to accepting cashless payments. Gather full credit card data securely using Vault, the only PCI certified solution for order forms. Moreover, offer multiple payment options via integrating with major payment gateways.

Process payments offline

Online payment processors take as much as a third of your revenue. Save money by using your in-house POS, Quickbooks, or other payment processing methods to charge your clients. It will help you start taking payments online quicker by leveraging your existing workflow.

Receive order alerts

Get real-time notifications to start the order preparation quickly. As soon as an order is placed, receive an automatic alert so you can provide quality food and respond promptly for outstanding customer service.

Get customer evaluation

Have a direct line with your customers by sending timely feedback forms attached to your automatic replies. Your customers can share their experience with ordering from you and you engage with them instantly, after every order.

Manage business operations

Operate while protecting your staff's health and learning more about your customers. Integrate with apps that can organize the customer data (basic info and preferences) and can keep track of your employees’ check-in, temperature, and sanitation measures for daily monitoring.

Want to see your new workflow?

Check this out to view your work-automation using a single tool.

Sydney spots your Facebook page.

He scans your page and craves the food you offer. He cannot dine in but upon seeing your order form with check-out options, he sees that you cater pickup or delivery so he gladly fills out.

He sees that you accept a credit card.

One of your modes of payment is through credit card. Sydney sees your Vault seal with PCI certification that’s why he confidently signs it and submits an order.

You receive his order in real-time.

Your restaurant manager and staff receive notifications simultaneously. You see his information and the check out option preferred. To ensure punctuality, you prepare his order quickly.

You notify him that his order is out for delivery.

The order form obtains his basic information. You see that he subscribed for a weekly delivery so you store his credit card data on Vault and his personal details on your Customer database.

You send out a feedback form.

To assess your performance, you sent a feedback form to rate your food/service and suggest improvements. You also include his answers in your proof of transactions and feedback gallery.

Check out our portfolio of order form examples.

Custom forms like these can be requested via our CustomWorks service.

Form cover

Online Order Form

Form cover

Food Evaluation Form

Form cover

Online Purchase Order Form

Form cover

E-commerce Order Form

Form cover

Emoji Feedback Form

Form cover

Event Invitation Form


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