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When your account is set up with Zapier integrations, you can take advantage of PCI DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR compliance. Create new software connections while adhering to worldwide conformities. Safeguard your business from fines and keep your customers from online scams.

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Support your new app with the power of advanced features and global compliance

Post your forms anywhere

Spell out your online presence. Embed your forms on different websites and social media pages to better communicate with your clients or followers.

Apply a PCI Certified solution

Allow self-checkout every transaction. Integrate your forms to major payment gateways or use a PCI Certified payment like Vault to collect credit card information.

Validate collected data

A signature identifies who that individual is and his or her intentions. Allow your respondents to use their electronic signatures to authenticate their form entries.

Personalize the experience

Match your forms according to your own brand. Add themes or images that support your forms attract more potential customers and ensure a better user experience.

Show only relevant fields

If you customize your forms to show fields depending on a user’s answer, you can achieve accurate results. You can also break long forms into several web pages.

Receive alert and send personalized 'Thank You'

Incorporate human touch into your forms. You can set your forms to receive an email notification upon submission receipt and/or send an autoresponder to acknowledge your respondent’s involvement.

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Greg owns a driving school.

He embeds a registration form on his website so that interested students can easily apply. The enrollment form can also be found on his official Facebook page.


He collects the registration details.

Greg ensures all fields are filled out during the registration, including their profile pictures and electronic signatures. He makes sure there won't be any further problems after enrollment.


He is a PCI certified Vault user.

He uses Vault to accept credit card payments for tuition fees. Students have the option to pay the full tuition or a deposit. The PCI certification seal on his form proves his credibility.


He uses Zapier to integrate with a CRM app.

Every student who submits the form is automatically added as a contact on their CRM profile. They are also tagged inside the CRM profile that the contact was generated by a form submission.


He leverages CustomWorks.

As an account holder with CustomWorks privileges, the user requests assistance from the CustomWorks team for another Zapier integration with the registration form. This time integration to create a Data Route URL which allows the user to populate data on a document.

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