Data reports

View summarized data from all user submissions in various formats such as charts, graphs, and grids. Customize your survey reports according to fields, titles, descriptions, and other relevant data you select.

Exporting, password protection, and different widgets are available.

Highly customizable data reporting

Build your custom report with our easy-to-use Report Builder. Our online form application lets you arrange widgets in multiple layouts, select the data you need, and generate various graphs and charts.

Report Builder enables you to display all your collected data in visually attractive reports. Use different layouts and select only the data you wish to extract from your forms and surveys. Use various graphs and widgets to get your point across.

Make your reports look good

Apply custom branded Themes and Styles to your reports, Pie Charts, Add a Text Widget to include any descriptions or markup, Dynamic graphs, Customizable chart tables, List all or some collected data, Allow export to Excel

Various widgets can be used in your reports: pie charts, bar graphs, tables and more. You can even use text widgets and HTML to customize your reports. Allow viewers to download all or selected widgets from your reports.

Export, share & embed

Share your report's HTML code, embed code, widget code, or link, Export to all major spreadsheet applications

Share a link to your report with anyone. Embed the whole report or only selected widgets from your report into your website or blog. EMF’s online form application allows you to export report data into all major spreadsheet applications such as Excel, iWork, or OpenOffice.