Form logic

Create smart forms and surveys that direct users to different paths depending on their selections. Show or hide certain fields. Skip pages or questions. Enable or disable payments. Redirect to your website after form submission. All these with no programming required.

Show or hide fields

Our web form tools allow adding an unlimited number of logic rules to your form. Show or hide specific sections depending on users’ answers and choices.

Field Rules allow specific fields to be shown to different users depending on their selections. This option enables you to target the right users with appropriate questions and get more accurate results. Besides, your users only fill in the fields that are relevant to them.

Skip form pages

Skip to any page depending on field values entered, Combine logic rules for additional complexity

By setting up Page Rules you can spare your users from filling out the pages that are not relevant to them. These rules react to your users’ input and increase engagement on your surveys and forms.

Show a message, redirect to website or send notifications

Determine form behavior according to user input, Show message, Redirect to Website, or Send notifications

With Form Rules, your submissions can be delivered to different staff, dependent upon user input. You can also show a specific message to users or redirect them to another URL, conditioned by their input in the fields of your choice.

Provide custom payment options

Decide how users will be charged for the products they select, Enable or disable payment as needed

Payment Rules activate or deactivate payments on your forms. They also allow you to determine how you want your payments to be processed – automatically or manually.

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